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Pharmaceutical Consultancy Based in the UK

Consultancy and Project Management

Our Service

Here at Pioneer Trading and Consultancy UK we have extensive experience of every aspect of the manufacturing process. We are experts in manufacturing, engineering and sales and can provide innovative solutions to help you overcome your problems.

We have worked for a number of major clients on a variety of projects worldwide. Our pharmaceutical consultants will work with you to understand your needs and formulate a strategy that will enable you to fulfil your objectives. We have decades of practical experience and will work in partnership with you to implement the solutions that will enhance and grow your business.

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 Pharmaceutical Consultancy based in the UK what we can do

What We Can Do

  • Examine your manufacturing process and identify how this can be improved.
  • Optimise processes before committing to new procedures.
  • Highlighting any issues with manufacturing process.
  • Examine problematic areas of production.
  • Understand production, ascertaining strengths and weaknesses.
  • Identifying where improvements can be made and implementing these.
  • Highlighting issues that may have yet to be considered.



 Project Management

We are experts in managing projects, drawing upon our knowledge of products, manufacturing and sales.

In the past we have been responsible for creating production layout, identifying the right production equipment and delivering the project.


Process Development

In the past we worked with pharmaceutical companies developing and scaling up secondary manufacturing processes to both Uk and global facilities.

We have practical experience of manufacturing, design and processing. We have in-depth knowledge of each stage of the manufacturing process to ensure the client is able to develop validated manufacturing processes and optimum production scale yields.


We specialise in the sale of production scale equipment to both the pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare industry worldwide. We have experience managing sales teams in Asia and Scandinavia on projects with values of over $10 million. We can help you drive business upwards as well as act as the liaison for customers, identifying issues and finding solutions to problems. To find out how our pharmaceutical consultancy based in the UK, can help your business, please contact us at Pioneer Trading and Consultancy UK.

Packaging Machinery Technical Support

We have teamed up with MG Servtec to offer packaging machinery technical support. MG Servtec is a team of highly experienced engineers who can support our clients in all aspects of production of aerosol cans and aluminium tubes. They are able to optimise and service existing equipment regardless of age and condition. We are currently offering this support service to customers based in mainland China.

 MG Serve.Tec Company Introduction







For more information about our pharmaceutical consultancy based in the UK and the services we offer, please contact us at Pioneer Trading and Consultancy UK.

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