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Sanying has an established independent technology R&D centre, advanced technical personnel and a first-class technology R&D team. Currently, the company’s R&D department has 28 full-time R&D engineers, including 7 equipment and process engineers. There are 10 product development engineers, 4 standardisation centres and 5 designers.

Funding has been used to create 13 advanced experimental and production testing equipment machines from abroad, to conduct quality inspections on raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products in each process.

For a very long time the company has implemented the concept of "green packaging, technological packaging". Sanying has provided leadership in key research and development areas such as surface treatment technology, composite technology, new material application, anti-counterfeiting technology and new tube making and bag making technology.

This commitment to innovations has cemented the company's market leading position in the field of composite packaging, and provides strong technical support for Sanying's global business growth.