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As a leading company in laminate material technology in the field of flexible packaging. Sanying has made great achievements such as reaching over a 40% market share for toothpaste tubes as well as over 80% of the laminated pharmaceutical market and 60% of the laminated cosmetic tube market in China. Sanying specialise in toothpaste packaging, oral care packaging tubes and laminated cosmetic tubes amongst many other products.

Aluminium barrier laminated (ABL) is used extensively in oral care tubes. Sanying can supply aluminium foil from 15-30 u with a total web thickness from 225 to 350.

Plastic barrier laminated (PBL) in cosmetic tube packaging is to replace the traditional extruded tubes because of better decoration possibilities and higher output. Sanying can provide up to 300-450 u range of web thickness to meet all different requirements.

Coated aluminium laminated (CAL) is full recyclable packaging material, because EVOH unlike PBL is considered a non-recyclable plastic. Coated aluminium is to replace EVOH and underlines Sanying's commitment to green packaging.


Technical Specifications